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Where Imagination Meets Reality

We specialise in crafting captivating short films, impactful ad films, binge-worthy web series, and grand feature films.

Our Top Services

Dedicated to delivering top-notch projects and innovative solutions within the desired timeline.

Film Production

Advertisement Production

Line Production

Branding and Printing

What we do

01 Understand your company as much as you do
02 Brand Strategy : Treatment done by our Homework
03 Content and script for your brand awareness
04 Pre - Production
05 Production
06 Post - Production
07 On-Time Delivery
We don’t stop here - "We provide digital marketing services to promote your completed projects."

Our Special Team

Aakash Panchal

CEO & Founder

I am the founder of PRAG FILM'S, a versatile professional with a wide range of talents and skills. As a producer, writer, director, and Actor as well, I am a complete artist, contributing my creative abilities to various aspects of filmmaking.

I've spent eight transformative years in theatre with 'Kshitij' and 'Renaissance,' delving deep into authentic stage artistry. I honed my craft.

I also enriched my skills through prestigious film workshops, including FTII. Now, I excel in dynamic film production and storytelling.

Kanhaiya Kishore


With 10+ years' experience in directing, scriptwriting, production, and editing, I've collaborated with corporate and development sector clients. My post-grad in Cinematography led to independent filmmaking. I teach at CRAFT Film School.

As a video consultant at Plan India, I'm creating a video on youth non-communicable diseases. I'm also a video editor, guiding girls in storytelling about social issues like child marriage, child labor, and menstrual hygiene.



I am the Editor at PRAG FILM'S, responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of post-production work, from start to finish. My role encompasses everything needed to ensure our projects are polished and ready for the audience.


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"The project where we've poured our sweat and dedication."

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